SIMSKY - tutorial

How to Browse The Sims Photo Album

Level for beginners
at least a minimum knowledge of Windows Explorer is required
Comments The Sims must already be installed

The simplest way to work with Simsky is to copy it right into the folder where the picture album from The Sims is located. If you have installed the game in the initial Sims folder and you want to browse photos from the first neighborhood, copy the file Simsky.exe to C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\UserData\PhotoAlbum. Simsky first views pictures located in the same folder as the program.

Then you start Simsky and simply by using cursor keys <- / -> or by clicking on the corresponding icons, you can quickly browse the album pictures.

If you have a later version of The Sims, then besides your pictures in the folder Photo Album, their thumbnails also exist - these are the files with the ending _thumb. These files are useless to view in Simsky, because the picture quality is not sufficient for displaying.

If you want to display a particular picture or photos from another neighborhood, press PageUp (or click on the folder icon). Browse for your folder in the way you usually do with other programs.

Simsky - how to select a picture

Help in finding your screen shots from other neighborhoods: Slowly click two times on the icon "Level up". You will get to the folder The Sims. Here double-click to open the appropriate neighborhood (Userdata = the first neighbourhood, Userdata2 = the second one, etc.), and then double click to open the Photo Album folder. Click on any of the pictures and then press Enter, or click on Open.

You will have to navigate in a similar way if you haven't copied Simsky into the folder with your photo album. Launch the program, press PageUp or click on the folder icon, find The Sims and click through to the required neighborhood, and then in the Photo Album folder choose the desired picture. Or with cursor keys you can browse through the album.

Do you want more? For example that Simsky would be able to find the folder with The Sims by itself and to locate the contained neighbourhoods? Or that besides the name of the picture, its description used in the game would also be displayed and it could be edited? No problem! Write me what you would like to add to Simsky and if there are enough of you, I will implement your requirements in the program!

Simsky - (C) 2002-2004 Dave Luv web: Simsky.wz.cz e-mail: Simsky@seznam.cz