TS1 Sets #2
All items were created by Simsky and  Simves .

Playground Kit - model #041213

This kit contains round pads in 6 colors and game pieces in 5 colors.

Now you can build your own playground.

• Twister

In the first picture, Leontynka and Vendulka are playing Twister.

Find a suitable place for this game - 4x6 tiles. Then place the round pads as shown on the picture.

• Sorry!

A very popular game in the Czech Republic.

This game requires a lot of space - 11x11 tiles. The second picture will help you place the items.

• Check for future updates

At the moment, the items don't contain any new interactions - they are intended as equipment for your playground.

Upcoming releases will allow your Sims to actually play the game.

Individual Downloads Price Category Required EP
Playground Kit - Round Pads (6 in 1)       3 Decorative / Other, Misc / Other ---
Playground Kit - Game Pieces (5 in 1)     10 Decorative / Other, Misc / Other ---

Beaver Dam Set

A Small Czech Flag Category: Decorative / Other, Miscellaneous / Other
Dave Luv + Kniga

Price: 55

Czech national flag.

Can be placed anywhere - on a table or a shelf, on the floor...

A Camp Notice Board Category: Decorative / Other, Misc / Recreation+Other
Dave Luv + Kniga

Price: 75

Fun: +1 (adults)
Fun: +2 (kids)
Room: +2

Every camp has its own notice board.

Trekkie Set

Startrek Posters Category: Decorative / Paintings
Dave Luv + Kniga

Price: 251 - 258

Fun: +1
Room: +2
8 posters of the Startrek heroes.

TV for all the Startrek fans Category: Electronics / Video
Dave Luv + Kniga

Price: 504

Fun: +4

Is your Sim a trekkie? Then there's no other choice!

All the Startrek series (TNG, VOY, TOS, TAS) on one TV.

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