Keyboard shortcuts


F1 Help page.
F2 Saves the resulting picture on the disc.
/ Switches picture / background.
PgUp Choosing of a folder with pictures.
PgDn Choosing of a background.
çè Previous / next picture.
éê Previous / next background.
Insert Turns on / off the background.
Delete Deletes active picture / background.
Shift + left click Loads picture / background to the associated graphic program.
F4 Mirrors the picture / background.
F5 Reloads active picture / background from the disc.

Position and size

Mouse dragging Moves the picture / background.
Ctrl + dragging Changes the picture / background size.
Numeric keyboard:
1 .. 9 Moves the picture / background by 1 point.
Plus Enlarges the picture / background size by 1 point.
Minus Reduces the picture / background size by 1 point.
Together with Ctrl - changes by 10 points.
5 Default position of the picture / background.
0 Default size of the picture / background.

Light effects form

Asterisk Shows the Light effects form.
Right click Sets the spot light placement.
Ctrl + right click Sets the exposed range.
F6 Saves the picture and background into memory.
F7 Restores the picture / background from memory.
F9 Change of color tone on / off.
Enter Applies selected light effect.
Esc Closes the Light effects form.


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