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Simsky 6.7.0

Description the newest free version for Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista (08/21/2004).
  the program requires: min. resolution 800x600, min. color depth 16 bits, 1 MB free place on the disc.
New you can change color tone of the picture / background (key F9).
  the most used color tones are predefined (black and white, sepia).
  all effects can be applied by pressing Enter even if the Light Effects form lost focus.
  the buttons for choosing of a background are available only with a transparent picture.
  the default background can be reverted to original state by pressing the F5 key, too.
  the file size is only 0.3 MB now :o)
Fixed a random bug has been fixed (corrupted colors after loading of a transparent picture).
  the picture no longer changes its position after pressing the Enter key.
  any picture saved with the default background has no longer the blue corners.

License conditions

Simsky is FREEWARE. So you can download it without any registration and use it on as many PCs as you want. You may redistribute the program with my written permission, but it must be offered in its original format (Simsky.zip) and it must be FREE of charge. Program distribution in order to obtain any monetary or financial gain or any other advantage is prohibited. If you obtain my permission you will be required to include my site name and add a link to Simsky.

You are not permitted to modify the program or to distribute any of its components, such as tutorials from the website. However, if you would like to link to the Simsky website on your site, egroup or forum, you may do so, but you are not permitted to hotlink directly to graphics or downloads.

The author of this program isn't responsible for possible damage caused by using the program, for example deleted pictures. By downloading this program you agree with license conditions.

Download Simsky now !

The file size is only 0.3 MB, but we recommend you to use any download manager, which supports resuming of broken downloads.

If you get a message saying the file is corrupt, it means the file was not downloaded completely.


to all those who believed that I would succeed in finishing Simsky (I can count them on the fingers of one hand ;-)
to an anonymous author of the photo a part of which I use as the background in Simsky
to creators of clothes for The Sims whose models can be seen on my pages
to Anicka Fawn for program translation into English and to Kate S. for translating all the web pages into English
to Lorraine for fixing up all the texts and making screen grabs for English version of the pages
to Painten for fixing up the texts of the Troubleshooting section
and to all of you who have decided to use Simsky, giving purpose to my work!


Do you want more? For example that Simsky would be able to insert text in the pictures? Other possibilities of lighting effects? Support of Tiff and Gif? The possibility of saving pictures to a specific size? Automatic thumbnails creation? No problem! Write me what you would like to add to Simsky and if there are enough of you, I will implement your requirements in the program!

Simsky - (C) 2002 - 2007 Dave Luv web: Simsky e-mail: Simsky(a)seznam.cz