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What is Simsky actually useful for ?

Simsky is a simple graphic program, designed for creation of high-quality pictures from The Sims and other tools associated with the game. Simsky gets the best results when editing pictures of your favourite Sims that were created in the program Simpose. Simsky replaces the need for complicated graphic programs for editing your pictures. Moreover it is free and simple enough for everyone to use.

Simsky is able to view the photo album from the Sims and to crop pictures located there, to change their size, and to modify their brightness or hue (which is very useful for brightening up the pictures made during the nightlife of your Sims). JPG as well as BMP pictures are supported. You can also use the program for viewing and editing pictures from your holiday, and for deleting unwanted pictures by pressing just one key.

The biggest advantage of the program, however, is the possibility of combining a picture from the Sims with a background of your choice. So you can very simply display your darlings in a photo from your real-life holiday! Simply load a picture of your Sims into Simsky in BMP format. It will be automatically given transparency, under which you can place any background. Import your background, and set the position of both pictures and adjust their size. You can also modify their color. Then save the resulting picture in JPG format and you can print it, display it on your web pages, or view it together with other pictures in Simsky!

I recommend Simpose for creating BMP pictures of your Sims. This program can make pictures of up to four Sims in various positions, to which you then complete the background in Simsky and modify color settings and size of pictures. Or you can just add good-looking effects, such as a sunset. If you use another good editor, let me know and I will complete a direct link to Simsky. At worst you can also use Simshow, which unfortunately doesn't enable you to save the pictures directly, and the final quality is low.


I started writing Simsky in summer 2002. I needed a program for simply viewing pictures from The Sims, as well as their clothes and new haircuts. Within a month the program was enabled to view any BMP/JPG picture. In autumn 2002 the possibility of combining BMP pictures with any background, and basic editing of picture lighting was added.

As of spring 2003 Simsky is able to change the position and size of both images and to save the resulting picture. I realized that it would be a pity to use the program only myself and I set up this web site.

About the author

They call me Dave Luv. My real name is not important. I am 27 and I am a maniac for The Sims. I work in a construction company as a programmer and my colleagues think that I am a bit out off the trail because I spend all day long playing The Sims and creating various tools for it. They say I should get married ;-) ...

All my programs and web pages will always be FREE, because I want them to make life easier for as many people playing The Sims as possible. If you like my site, send me an encouraging e-mail, because it is the only reward I will receive for the whole effort.

Do you want to participate in improving these pages? Don't hesitate to contact me at the address listed below and we will together extend these pages by adding a gallery of the nicest pictures, or your own created items and clothes for The Sims which will be accessible for downloading for every fan of the game. If you are good at English, thousands of fans from all over the world will read your tutorials and other texts.

Simsky - (C) 2002 - 2007 Dave Luv web: Simsky e-mail: Simsky(a)seznam.cz