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Censor Remover + Cheat Activator for The Sims 2

What is See Them 2?

See Them 2 is a tool intended for removing the censor (blurred Sims) in all TS2 versions - Original game, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life, Pets, Seasons, Celebration Stuff, H&M Fashion, Bon Voyage, Teen Style Stuff, FreeTime, Kitchen and Bath, Ikea Home Stuff, Apartment Life, Mansion & Garden Stuff... - in all language versions, with any patch.

•  See Them 2.31 is fully compatible with Mansion & Garden Stuff  •

This program allows placement of objects on a diagonal or out of grid, as well as changing many of the gameplay settings. You can change skills or needs levels of your Sims, their personality or even their look - just launch your game in Debug mode by using See Them 2. This program has been specially designed with beginners in mind so it has an easy-to-use interface with pictures instead of text.

Use See Them 2 to change skills of your Sims :o)

See Them 2 will find the game location by itself, so you don't have to worry about finding the appropriate folder. It also doesn't need any installation or additional files to run. This program uses the well-known censor.package file made by Quaxi for removing the censor in all game versions.

Warning! See Them 2 will allow you to see nude Sims. Therefore, you should only use this program if you are at least 13 years of age or older. Otherwise, do not download it!

NOTE: Many game items (windows, doors...) require snapping to grid to be turned on when placing them. I recommend having only the "censor remover" and "diagonal placement of objects" features turned on all the time.

See Them 2.31

Description The newest version for Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista (08/19/2006).
  The program requires: 0.5 MB free space on the harddrive + any version of The Sims 2.

Initial message with censor remover details was removed.

Thanks to Quaxi for his Nightlife censor remover,
  to Lily Whyte for helping me with translation and for doing the lead testing,
  to Abby for helping to translate the texts of the user interface,
  to Susan, Kevin, Malina, Simacik, O'mi, Luisa for testing.

License conditions

See Them 2 is FREEWARE. So you can download it without any registration and use it on as many PCs as you want. You may redistribute the program with my written permission, but it must be offered in its original format ( and it must be FREE of charge. Program distribution in order to obtain any monetary or financial gain or any other advantage is prohibited. If you obtain my permission you will be required to include my site name and add a link to Simsky.

You are not permitted to modify the program or to distribute any of its components, such as graphics from the website. However, if you would like to link to the Simsky website on your site, egroup or forum, you may do so, but you are not permitted to hotlink directly to graphics or downloads.

Although See Them 2 has been thoroughly tested, you are downloading this program at your own risk. The author of this program isn't responsible for possible damages caused by using the program.
By downloading this program, you are agreeing with the licensing conditions.

Download See Them 2.31 now - Right click + Save target as...

Click on the picture to download the file. The file size is only 0.3 MB, but we recommend you to use any download manager, which supports resuming of broken downloads.

If you get a message saying the file is corrupt, it means the file was not downloaded completely.

How does See Them 2 work?

See Them 2 doesn't require any installation. Simply download the file to any folder on a PC with The Sims 2. NOTE: Close the game prior to launching See Them 2. Then, open the archive and launch See Them 2 by doubleclicking the SeeThem2 file (it has a heart-shaped icon). Or, if you prefer, you can extract the files from the zip to any folder and launch it from there.

After launching the program, you can see the same interface, as shown in the picture above. If you want to remove the censor blur, click on the left picture (a naked Sim) - the red X sign will change to a green check mark, which indicates that the censor has been successfully removed.

If you want to see the censor blur again, just click on the picture with the naked Sim again - the check mark will change back to the red X sign.

How do I use the other functions?

If you click on the right picture (the one with the plants), you can enable / disable placement of objects out of grid. Use this cheat only for adjusting the placement of e.g. decorative items after buying them - don't use it while building a house as some items (doors, windows, kitchen counters) require this cheat to be turned off when placing them.

When you click on the picture with the armchairs, you can rotate the objects in 45-degree steps and place them on a diagonal. You must have University or a newer EP for this to work. NOTE: This function does not support all objects. It will not work on many larger objects. You also have to rotate the objects by using the "," and "." keys (there is "<" and ">" on the same keys).

Clicking on the remaining picture (the one with the pie menu) will enable the testing cheats mode - known as Debug mode. This mode has been set up by the game authors and See Them 2 just allows you to enter / quit it. Some user-created items may display error messages when this mode is on. After enabling this function and while in the game, hold the Shift key and click on a Sim to display the pie menu. You can change the look of your Sim or the life goals then, but be careful as some of the options can kill your Sim! Don't save the game if you are not sure what happened!

This mode also allows you to change the needs levels or skill bars of your Sims - just drag with the left mouse button over each bar in the game to change it to the maximum level!

Is there any danger to my game?

See Them 2 doesn't modify any of the game files - it just configures the cheat launcher the game executes with each start. Therefore there is no danger to your game when using the program. It is no different than using the Ctrl+Shift+C function within the game and enabling cheats then. See Them 2 saves you the time and aggravation of typing in certain cheats :o).

If you use the censor removal feature, See Them 2 adds the censor.package file to the Downloads folder if the censor is off, and deletes it if the censor is turned back on again. NOTE: If you are an advanced player using your own cheat launcher configuration file (userStartup.cheat), this file will be recreated (or deleted if not needed) by the program.

See Them 2 does not require neither any other libraries nor programs and it will run on any PC. Also, it does not require any configuration files; does not store data onto any systems folders; does not interfere with Registry files; does not gather information on users and does not send any information to the author or other persons via Internet.

How do I remove the program?

If you intend to remove the program, make sure you turn off all the cheats first (you will have 4 red X signs in the corner of each of the pictures in the program) and then you can simply delete all the files extracted from the zip file.

What if I download a newer version of See Them 2? Or if I buy a new Sims 2 EP?

If you download a newer version of See Them 2, just replace the old version files with the new ones and launch the program. It's that simple :o). No uninstalling required.

In case of a new Sims 2 Expansion Pack installation, simply launch the program again - See Them 2 detects the installed EPs with each start and changes the settings according to which EPs are found.

Quaxi's censor remover used in ST2 modifies game layer responsible for advanced graphic effects. It is compatible with all current game versions. In case of minor incompatibility with future EPs (e.g. new graphic effects missing if there are any added) you can simply turn off the censor removal feature in See Them 2.

See Them 2 - (C) 2005 - 2008 Dave Luv web: Simsky e-mail: Simsky(a)