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Stewen "Titowam"12/10/2016 04:08 AM
I still have Sims 1 installed! I'm actually currently looking for a mod that removes the friend requirement for jobs hahaha
 Dave:12/14/2016 11:04 PM
 I expect this could be easily done by a global hack.
Stewen "Titowam"11/17/2016 06:03 PM
This guest book is lacking some recent posts o:

Just thought I'd check in and say hi! How's everything?
 Dave:11/17/2016 06:07 PM
 Hi Stew :o)
How are you, still having TS1 installed?
I haven't played for years, but still thinking about my Sims and how it used to be 15 years ago :o)
Brandon02/13/2016 03:33 AM
It's soo hard to find Sims 1 mods since most of the mod sites are dead, the download links dont work or so old that a modern browser cant/barley display them, thank you soo much for keeping this site up :)
 Dave:02/15/2016 11:46 PM
 Thanks :o)
Isabelle01/17/2016 04:14 PM
Where did u get the haircut from the sim on the picture of the "Faster Homework" mod??!!
 Dave:01/17/2016 07:50 PM
 Zia made the picture of her Sim and I expect she doesn't remember it anymore.
David01/06/2016 01:31 PM
do you knew a ts 1 site where i can get creepy stuff??need the to make addams family
 Dave:01/07/2016 12:24 PM
 No, I haven't found such a site anymore.
Jamie11/27/2015 01:43 AM
Love. This. Site.
 Dave:11/27/2015 09:11 PM
Ariel11/08/2015 03:25 PM
I built three levels with no problem. When I started to build the forth level, I couldn't complete it because I couldn't build more walls.
 Dave:11/16/2015 09:39 PM
 I expect the game supports limited amount of certain items on the lot - you figured it out by yourself.
Ariel10/27/2015 05:48 PM
How many walls I can build on lot 6x6 in Sims 2?
 Dave:10/30/2015 07:41 PM
 I expect 84 wall segments per each level theoretically - 6x7 lines in 2 directions. Is it a math homework ;o)?
David10/04/2015 12:06 PM
also you said that you might do some new objects and can you tell me where to find hd graphics for ts1??
 Dave:10/26/2015 12:30 AM
 I don't know what you mean by hd graphics. If you meant e.g. high-resolution textures, there are none existing, because the game won't load them.
David10/04/2015 12:01 PM
do you stil play and if yes can you tell me how to create a hotel in ts1?? using them from vacation lot
 Dave:10/26/2015 12:27 AM
 No, I haven't been playing for years. I don't remember such things anymore.

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