Facts About the Simsky Team

Dave Luv

Site creator and webmaster responsible for programs, new objects, object modifications, optimization of sets, creation of skins and meshes, troubleshooting and editing of the website and its day to day upkeep.

I am a 29 year-old from Brno in the Czech Republic. I set up this website in 2003 because I love simming and programming. The name Simsky is Czech for SimGirls :o)

My hobbies include simming, programming, listening to and creating music.
My favorite music genres include techno, dance and metal. I'm a big fan of both S Club groups, especially Daisy ;o)
My favorite actress is Kirsten Dunst.
My favorite foods include fried cheese (which is one of the national foods of the Czech Republic) and raspberries. I love to eat hazelnut icecream when watching soccer and F1-racing on TV :o)


Helps with translation and started the story section.

Abby is a special friend who shares my passion for Simsky. We share the same birthday as well as common interests, including simming.
She loves all kinds of hot and spicy international foods and her favorite is Jollof rice - a Ghanaian dish.
Her interests include making friends with people from different countries as well as helping others. She hopes to be as good a programmer as Dave one of these days... a gal can dream :o)

Mr. FreakyInAStar

Unique object creator.

I am 16 years old, and I have been playing The Sims ever since it first came out. I fell in love with it.
Around the time Unleashed came out, I learned I could make my own objects. I began to fiddle around with several programs. I became as obsessed with making objects as I was with the game itself. Only recently have I been making "good" objects.
My first "hacked" object is the Gnome Launcher. I also made a cart that sells you the "secret" ingredients.


Object creator and contributor of Czech articles.

Nanik is 15 and has successfully completed Simsky's object making crash course.
He wants to be a programmer. Nanik likes to write computer programs for his little sister :o)


Tester and contributor of Czech articles.

Mikejla is a teacher on maternity leave.
Her hobbies include reading, needlework, painting, and - of course - simming :o)


Skins creator and contributor of Czech articles.

Simi7 has successfully completed Simsky's crash course in skinning.
She is a big fan of Orlando Bloom :o)

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